Freeview - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new TV Antenna?

You may not need a new TV antenna if your existing antenna is in reasonable condition. As a rule of thumb, if you are receiving a good analogue picture then you probably wont need to upgrade your antenna system. If you are unsure then you can arrange for a Free Reception Test from Apex Installations if you are in our area of operation. Otherwise contact your local Antenna Installer for further advice.

Do I Need a New TV?

In order to receive digital broadcasts, you will either need to add a High Definition (HD) Digital Set Top Box to your existing analogue TV, or upgrade to a new TV with a Built-in HD Digital tuner. Most new TVs have digital tuners built in.

If you are unsure as to whether your existing TV can receive digital broadcasts, try pressing the "2" button twice on your remote control (22). If your TV switches to ABC2 then you are already receiving digital, and should not need to purchase any new equipment.

What If i Live in a Poor Reception Area?

If you have already installed a Digital Set Top Box or a new Digital TV and still can't receive digital services you should contact a Government approved antenna installer. Most installers will test your reception for free and advise you whether your problem is due to a degraded antenna system, incorrect tuning, faulty equipment, or poor reception area.

If you DO live in a poor reception area, do not despair! The Australian Government is introducing a free to air satellite service for those residents in "Black Spot" areas. Known as Viewer Access Satellite Television (V.A.S.T.), this service will allow people in these poor reception areas to receive all the new Freeview digital channels via a satellite dish. These installations will cost a similar amount to a new antenna system, and Government subsidies will be made available to some residents.

Contact Apex Installations for more information regarding the V.A.S.T. system.